looking applemermaid write her blog in english
to practice english well

maybe i should do this too
becouse my english has been worse and worse
since i entered the university

i know english is very important in the world

everytime i think i should train my english skill
by reading magazines or listening ICRT
i'm too lazy to achieve my goal

perhaps i will write my blog in chinese nexy time


after 4 hours i will go home

from now
i have many things to do

next week is our final examination week
therefore i need to bring textbooks home

that's really an unhappy thing QQ


i know somebody will read my blog
who is good at english

if you find some error
i wish you could tell me correct one

after finish writing my blog

i discover that my english is really poor

many vocabularies i forget how to spell them

even though they are really easy

it is really a tough work (sigh...)


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